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Duca Candle Holder - Hausful
Duca Candle Holder - Hausful
Duca Candle Holder - Hausful

Duca Candle Holder

By Audo Copenhagen
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Taking its name from the latin word for extend,” the duca candle holder does exactly that: by loosening the screw on its slender stem, the height of the design can be adjusted as the candle burns. Cast in bronzed brass and detailed with rattan enfolded around its lower half, the simple yet impactful design brings a sense of intimacy and warmth to its surroundings. A small screw on the side of the design allows the user to adjust the height, extending or shortening the telescopic stick to the desired effect.

Scale: Adjust from 6.50"h up to 9.45"h
Material: Waxed bronzed brass and rattan 
Max candle diameter: 7/8" Dia

Feature: Adjustable height

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