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Our Story

Independently Owned + Family Operated

At Hausful, we prize furnishings and hauswares that are beautifully designed and skillfully made of honest materials. We curate a collection of products that we live with every day, but most of all, we love to offer products that are truly useful in your everyday life, enduring good design that will stand the test of time.

We believe in the pass-down culture. A belief that when paying a little more for something of quality and value, and have it forever rather than to simply consume and re-consume. The items we offer are timeless and age beautifully, we know because we live with them and are a part of our lives and our home.

Hausful owner, Becky (Seel) Hoppmann, studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is a Charleston native with 20 years design experience. Hausful  showcases brands from the tried and true, to new design brands from Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and beyond. Hausful brings our view through curated selections in our shop, onto our online store, and into your home.


While we wholeheartedly admire the Scandinavian lifestyle and design philosophy, and show many exciting New Nordic makers, we are delighted to find lines from anywhere and everywhere that demonstrate the same creativity, quality and modern functionality. We carry 50+ modern brands from 23 countries as various as Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Iceland, Canada, and Holland, to name a few. And even more to come as our research often turns up smart new lines.


We understand how much our customers care about the individuality and the investment involved in decisions surrounding furnishing their home or business. We believe comfort and pride of place are essential to quality of life. We take our role in giving you advice from our many years of experience very seriously. We enjoy discussing your individual lifestyle, sketching out room plan ideas, and guiding you through the process of making good informed choices from our 1000’s of available selections.


We are thankful to our beautiful home town Charleston, South Carolina for the welcoming response to our Hausful idea. Charleston is known for it's historic charm, but practical modern interiors are definitely in demand and we are happy to be Charleston’s Scandinavian modern resource. Please stop in to our showroom where you can shop many Hausful items that are both on and off our website. If you are outside of our area, please enjoy shopping our extensive options on our website.